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Queensland STEM Impact

Launched in 2022 during National Science Week, the Queensland STEM Impact website provides a platform to share the Impact Stories generated through the Interview a Scientist Program.

Queensland has a thriving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community across universities and both large and small businesses. The purpose of the Queensland STEM Impact website is to showcase the innovative and impactful research happening across STEM within the state of Queensland, Australia.

In 2022, Interview a Scientist launched as a pilot program to explore ways to increase secondary students’ engagement with STEM while allowing STEM professionals to build their communication skills and outputs. As part of the program, teams of secondary students from Brisbane high schools team up with higher degree/early career researchers from Griffith University to interview STEM professionals and go on to write an Impact Story on them.

Interview a Scientist 2022 Impact Stories

Winning Story

Changing challenges into opportunities – a true story of a female lead scientist

Thank you to all the participants from Griffith University, Mount Gravatt State High School, MacGregor State High School and Sunnybank State High School who took part in Interview a Scientist 2022. The Impact Stories generated were all of high quality and can be read here:

How maths could help you reach hypersonic levels and a rewarding career

Making a difference that matters – from a birdwatcher to becoming the Queensland Chief Scientist

Antimicrobial coating tested to protect spacecraft from bacteria spread

Converting bad viruses to good

The behind the scenes story of discovering life saving drugs

Acknowledgements: Interview a Scientist 2022 was organised by Dr Emma Barnes of STEM Avenue and the event day hosted by the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, Griffith University. It was proudly supported by the Queensland Government – Engaging Science Grants. We’d like to thank MacGregor State High School, Sunnybank State High School and Mount Gravatt State High School and their participating students as well as the Queensland Chief Scientist, Professor Hugh Possingham, and the scientists and engineers from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery and Boeing Research and Technology – Australia who were interviewed in 2022. We’d also like to thank the judges – Aimee Sanderson (AAMRI), Heather Catchpole (Refraction Media) and Dr Jeffrey Robens (Nature Portfolio).